It’s so weird that whenever I hear this song, I always feel calm. Maybe it because of the instrumental. I don’t know what the music instruments they used are but I like something sounds enthusiastic and energetic like that. And I like the lyrics, too. It’s really special. I’ve never watched this drama, so I don’t really understand totally the meaning of this song. But I’m sure it’s really cool. It’s about love, of course. But it’s more than a love song. It’s not simple like that. It makes me think more about our life, about differences between people, about freedom and especially about music. The couple in this song attracted each other by their same type of music, but without music, they had nothing that can be blended. I’ve heard this song several times, and one day I realized what the first part said – I realized they were just watching the same landscape, but what they saw are different. You may think it so desperate, and our two characters also feel the same, but in some way I think it’s the wonderful of youth. Although it feels like you can’t figure out, you still live freely and appreciate your pride.