This is a very very cute song. It’s not really a love song, it’s just some thoughts of a lonely girl. The music is fun and easy to listen to, it makes me feel relax. And it easy to remember, too. The lyrics won’t make you cry or something like that, but I think all of us will sometimes feel the same with the girl in this song. We all need love, right? I think the story in this song is really adorable. This girl was attracted by a guy. He makes her laugh like no one else can do. They really fit together, they both can silently sit down in a corner for no reason, while others usually do that when they feel upset. But unfortunately, he’s already had a girl friend and he really loves her. Poor my girl. Even though you has found the one can make your heart beat and you know you’re suitable for him, too, there’s something you still can’t get over. But let me remind you, this is not a sad song. This song has taught me that there’s something we can’t control in our life, and sometimes the things we want can never happen. But if you think clearly, it’s not as bad as it is. This girl has never stopped moving forward. She always say funny things like “Maybe the guy for me is a 7 years old boy”, but in fact, she has never stopped trying for her happines.

The MV is one more special thing, too. You have to watch it! The male character is Ekin Cheng! Niki Chow played a soiree sales girl, she’s really pretty, hospitality and hard working. They met in a barkery making class. The MV is really fit the song. I’m serious. Believe me, you should watch it.