May 20th, 2017. 12:03 am

This song is about a secret love of a man for a woman. As if he had loved her for a long long time, but he wasn’t brave enough to tell her his feeling. For her, he’s someone really close, someone she really believes in, but can never fall in love.

I heard this song for the fisrt time on a radio program. A man sent a letter to the program and required this song. As many other listeners, he also bring with him his love story to the program. It’s when he was in high school and had special feeling with a really nice girl in his class. But he didn’t know if she has the same feeling, so he chose to keep silent. After they graduated, she stayed in Vietnam to go to college, while he studied abroad. A few years ago, he get married with another woman in America. Ten years later, they finally saw each other again in a class meeting. He found out that she was still single. When he asked her for reason, she answer: “I loved one person, but he got married.”

What I want to say here is people always miss out the one they truly love just because they don’t have courage to express their love, or to wait for someone. Their nonsense scary lead them to a terrible option – accept another person who can help them to get over their lonely days. How can we love someone but end up with another one? How can we married someone but still miss another one? What kind of love like that? What kind of marriage like that?

I can not allow something’s not complete. In the past, I loved a boy. It’s a one side love. I had loved him for a long time. It’s a long story, there was too many barries that we couldn’t be together. During that time, I didn’t date with anyone else. I couldn’t persuade myself to take another chance while he was still stay in my mind. Fortunately, a few months ago, I finally learned how to forget him. I have released myself from that love and been ready to move on. Goodbye, my first love.