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[Music] Very Close, Very Far – Khac Viet – Vpop

May 20th, 2017. 12:03 am This song is about a secret love of a man for a woman. As if he had loved her for a long long time, but he wasn't brave enough to tell her his feeling. For... Continue Reading →


[Music] Pity he has a girl friend – Niki Chow, Cantopop

This is a very very cute song. It’s not really a love song, it’s just some thoughts of a lonely girl. The music is fun and easy to listen to, it makes me feel relax. And it easy to remember,... Continue Reading →

[Music] About us – Guan yu wo men (Black and White OST) – Picks, Taiwanese song

It’s so weird that whenever I hear this song, I always feel calm. Maybe it because of the instrumental. I don’t know what the music instruments they used are but I like something sounds enthusiastic and energetic like that. And... Continue Reading →

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